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2015 Revolution Red Campaign is just weeks away!

The Revolution Red Campaign – a Festival of Hope, is taking place from September 6th – 13th in conjunction with World Suicide Prevention Day, and it is the EASIEST way for you to get involved!  To start conversations, help remove stigma, raise awareness and funds!  The reason it’s so easy is because you get to decide how you get involved.

We have school students organising for their entire school to wear red, have a bake sale, battle of the bands, BBQ fundraiser and wall of hope.  We have employees organising fundraising morning teas at their office and Companies matching the donations given.  We have Churches planning memorial services for those who have been affected by suicide.  We have people planning art galas with live auctions, or girls nights and family dinners at their home where friends and neighbours are invited.

It is all about getting creative and getting involved!

For full information about the Revolution Red Campaign, check out the ‘Get involved’ page on our site, one of the most important steps is that you register your participation so that we can track funds being raised and ensure they get back to us.  Fifty percent of funds raised will go to Kids Helpline, the other fifty percent to The Roar Effect for our Schools program and Training courses that we want to run all over Australia.

So, what are you waiting for?  Get involved and register your participation today!



You reaching out could start someone on their road to recovery!

“This year, more than three million Australians will experience depression, anxiety or both. Today, seven will die by suicide.

It may be someone in your family, at work or a mate on your footy team. You may have noticed something is amiss, but you’re not sure if you should say something or mind your business.

You’re not the only one who feels this way. Many people don’t know what to say or worry they could make the situation worse by approaching the person.

However, reaching out to someone you’re worried about is often the catalyst for that person starting on the road to recovery.

To help people to have what could be a difficult chat, Beyondblue has produced a guide on how to Have the Conversation.

The guide explains how having a conversation can help people feel less alone and more supported in getting help for anxiety and depression, and what to do if your attempt to have the conversation is met with a bad reaction.

A recent independent evaluation of Have the Conversation found it has been accessed on the website almost 900,000 times, with half of surveyed users going on to have a conversation with someone who they were concerned about or broaching the subject of their own mental health.

The evaluation also found the guide positively influenced up to 1.3 million conversations by improving how people engaged their friends and loved ones.

These positive results show how effective Have the Conversation has been at making people feel more supported and at prompting people to seek help for themselves or others.

If you are struggling a bit, but don’t know how to reach out for support, or you’re concerned about someone else, but don’t know what to say, visit The Beyond Blue website (

You can speak to a mental health professional any time, day or night, by phoning Beyondblue’s Support Service on 1300 22 4636.

It’s better to put your hand up if you need help, or lend a hand if someone is struggling, than not to say anything at all because you’re not sure what to say.

Depression and anxiety won’t get better without help – and if left undiagnosed and untreated, these conditions can become disabling or even lead to someone thinking about suicide.

Chief executive officer

  • Life is beautiful. Hold on!
  • It's Mental Health Week so here's a few tips to help your mental health.
  • there are only a limited number of these Candles of Hope left! they smell delicious & are great for your home or as a gift! purchase at #hoperoars #hope #candles #revolutionredcampaign
  • We love the dedication that some people went to in the lead up to their events!! #revolutionredcampaign #hoperoars
  • More and more photos coming through of all the #revolutionredcampaign events hosted over the weekend! #hoperoars
  • FOAM Dance Party supporting The Roar Effect held on the Gold Coast this weekend hosted by C3 Coomera, with over 400 young people attending!! Well done to all involved! #revolutionredcampaign #hoperoars
  • Just a few of the messages on the Wall of Hope at the Memorial service yesterday, from those who've lost loved ones too soon & someone who had been in that dark place. #revolutionredcampaign #hoperoars
  • The stunning plaque in the Memorial Garden at The Cage Youth Centre, generously donated by Redlands member Matt Mceachen #revolutionredcampaign #hoperoars
  • Such an incredible moment as we released balloons filled with messages of hope and notes to those gone too soon at The Cage Memorial Service today. #revolutionredcampaign #hoperoars
  • An absolutely incredible Memorial Service was hosted by The Cage Youth Foundation in Redlands Bay Qld today. It was so moving to hear people's stories - everyone has been impacted by suicide in some way. Many people came from the local community & Guests speaking/attending included Redlands member Matt Mceachen, Mayor Karen Williams, Councillor Hewlett, Councillor Edwards, Roar Effect Coordinator Jodie Christinat & Directors of The Cage Peter & Linda Grieve. HUGE shoutout to Angie Bowers of The Cage who pulled it all together and had the vision for this in the first place! #revolutionredcampaign #hoperoars
  • This awesome crew from C3 Redlands Bay - the Phit training team - ran the Tough Mudder course yesterday wearing their Hope Roars tees!! Hope is gutsy and so are these people! #revolutionredcampaign #hoperoars